Posted by: Jeffsayyes | February 5, 2010

Who takes pictures of Flowers?? Macro Button should be Food

Playing with my camera today and was thinking…
The Macro button shouldn’t be flowers, who takes pictures of flowers??
The Macro button should be a drumstick

The macro should be chicken

The macro button should be a bowl of noodles

The macro button should be pizza

I don’t know, what do you think? Someone call Canon. Who takes pictures of flowers anyway?


  1. Dude, sign me up for that noodle setting…

  2. As I told you, my Coolpix S220 has both a “macro mode” and a “food mode,” and the distinction between them seems to be minimal. In food mode, macro mode is automatically engaged and then “the camera automatically zooms to the position at the closest distance at which the camera can focus.”

    Boringly enough, the icon is that of a fork and knife. (See the bottom picture at I like your icons better.


  4. LOL. wish my macro stuff was MOSTLY FOOD. (sadly, no.)

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