Posted by: Jeffsayyes | February 3, 2010

Tweet Dump – From the beginning….

I put a lot of good information out there on twitter, and it would be a shame to let them be lost in the cellars of the internet. So I am going to start assembling and dumping my useful tweets on this site every week or so. Enjoy.

Read from the bottom to start from the beginning:

10:56 AM Aug 12th, 2009 –Giovanni from Luigi’s in Windsor Terrace is the Howard Roarke of Pizza.
4:16 PM Aug 11th, 2009 -ROTD for my Shake Shack review on yelp. Possibly the best review I will ever write. I was channeling the Gods that day.
7:38 AM Aug 11th, 2009 -Uploaded pics of exploratory Brooklyn Pizza tour great classic slices there
10:04 PM Aug 10th, 2009 -in reply to isildursbane Great article on Bronx pizzas Don’t know how to do links on Twitter yet.
10:36 PM Aug 9th, 2009 -in reply to citizenjane Great (new?) sweet shop next to little morocco in astoria on stnway. Al-Sham, unfortunate name, excel pastries and sweets. all made in house
10:35 PM Aug 9th, 2009 -Giovanni the owner of Luigi’s proved himself tonight. He runs a legit show. his pops grows his herbs & tomats in SI. best flour in NY.$12 pi
7:41 PM Aug 9th, 2009 -went to timmy o’s after the pizza tour. it is just like a bar and timmy o is the bartender. great place to chill and talk.
7:38 PM Aug 9th, 2009 -brooklyn pizza tour major success. luigis and robertas were crowd favorites. L&B was beautiful. delmar was good, motorino rocked taste buds.
7:36 PM Aug 9th, 2009 -Re: DiFara’s: The hype too often sucks out any positive feelings from a great restaurant. instead of hungry, you feel vindictive.
8:05 AM Aug 9th, 2009 -Pizza tour today. Looking good. 16 people, 4 cars, some of the best pizza in brooklyn. Should be fun.
7:44 AM Aug 9th, 2009 -Sarge’s deli is hard not to order something monstrous. 1st time I’ve had kreplach.
11:56 AM Aug 8th, 2009 -eating vegetarian today and little bread. need to prepare my stomach for the pizza tour
9:21 AM Aug 8th, 2009 –Elms Cafe in Elmhurst – ridiculous Momos. confirned again. Makes me want to punch someone in the face. Tsering looks cool, tastes ???
4:56 PM Aug 7th, 2009 -We now have 2 pies worth of people for the pizza tour and enough drivers to sustain. Looking good.
8:32 AM Aug 7th, 2009 –got a tip from my chiropractor, armondos on rockaway ave for sicilian. he outlined the cheese by pulling apart his hands like spiderman
8:23 AM Aug 7th, 2009 –I’m a lover, not a scientist
5:37 PM Aug 6th, 2009 -finally finished leftovers from chivito d’oro. That place is Good.
4:31 PM Aug 6th, 2009 -just had the daily news interview. they are going to send a photog to every event. Daily News is now my fav. i was seldomly articulate.
9:01 AM Aug 6th, 2009 -Daily News interview tomorrow for the pizza tour. I hope I am articulate. I wonder if I have aspergers. I like hamburgers.
9:58 PM Aug 5th, 2009 -just went to bella vista in plainview. wasnt that great. the guy was a bit of a douchebag. question is: Who cares about what I eat??
6:58 PM Aug 5th, 2009 -my first tweet, muthafuckaaaahhs

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