Posted by: Jeffsayyes | January 22, 2010

Super Boll Saturday – Food Group VOTE

We are going back to Little India as Super Boll weekend rolls around.
The date is SATURDAY, Feb 6th
The time is 7:20pm

3 choices for February, vote on one. The winner will be announced by Feb 2nd.

Dosa Place. Specializing in…. dosas and Southern Indian cuisine. One of the newer Indian restaurants in the area.

Raja Sweets. Vegetarian homestyle Indian food. Made by a bunch of mothers. Some of the food looks great, some looks like slop, but you will probably be enlightened once you start trying their stuff.

and the third choice is a super secret, hidden Bengali restaurant. There is a steam table but they are also willing to cook for you. No menu. They would prepare something for us. They have biryanis, I think a cross between what you would find at kebab king and maybe Spicy Mina’s.

So what will it be?
Send me your picks and we’ll make it happen


  1. Ooh! I think I can make this one! I’m torn between Raja and hidden Bengali.

    Oh, what am I saying–when else would I get around to going to hidden Bengali?

  2. Illness kept me from the last JHFG meetup, but the promise of super secret Bengali will clinch my seat at this one!

    That means my vote is for Bengali, if it wasn’t clear 🙂

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