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Tacos El Consentido Menu Translations – introducing chalupas

Tacos El Consentido is located at Roosevelt and Gleane

Menu Translations:
Carnitas – fried pork
Bistec – steak
Pollo – chicken
lengua – tongue
oreja – pigs ear
chorizo – mexican sausage
cecina – salted beef
Torta – sandwich with lettuce, tomato, meat of your choice, bean spread and possibly cheese and avocado
Sopes sencilla – Sopes “simple” or plain. Sopes are round, open faced and thick shelled with a lip on the edge keeping the contents from sliding out. The insides are probably similar to what the chalupas contain here.
Sopes con carne – Sopes with meat
Chalupas sencilla la orden – Chalupas simple
Chalupas con carne la orden – Chalupas with meat of your choice (see below)

Chalupas are single shelled tacos with a creamy cheese (possibly queso blanco), queso fresco and, optionally, a meat of your choice, mixed with green sauce on top.
Here, they are 4 to an order for $4. As compared to a taco, you’re trading a tortilla shell (tacos are usually double shelled) and lettuce for 2 types of cheese and a second chalupa. And you’re locked into doing this twice. Which isn’t a bad deal. and they’re really good.

Guide to Mexican cheeses

UPDATE: This may be permanently replaced by Mi Mexicolindo


  1. nice post. it’s nice cause i never know what those words mean and i’m too shy to ask. post more of these things so i can improve my ethnic food vocabulary. that opened up thing with the green salsa stuff looks delish.

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