Posted by: Jeffsayyes | January 15, 2010

Ironbeer found in Met Supermarket

This was something I’d never seen before so I had to have it. Any mysterious cola is intriguing to me. This particular soda is apparently the National Beverage of Cuba. Or it was. It’s now bottled in Miami.


Here’s my stream of observation:
Tastes sweeter than most colas. almost jolt-like. slightly fruity. not sure which fruit. is corn syrup a fruit? tastes a bit apple-y, with hint of the navel fruit family. smells even cotton candy like.

Does not taste like crappy cola (which I love). It has a light feel, but still coats my mouth.

Sodas of the World


  1. I used to order this quite a bit with meals at Versailles (popular favorite for cuban food in Los Angeles). Let me be the first to congratulate you on having tags for both “iron beer” and “ironbeer” 🙂

  2. what is that amazing looking sandwich and where did you get it?

  3. haha, well The roast beef was left over from a christmas party at work. I got the bread from the Met – they have great rolls. leftover cheddar, nothing special. I think it was cracker barrel or something. and lots of mayo on there. It WAS delicious. oh, and I heat the roast beef up in a pan, add a little water to make some juice and I pour the juice on top. Also, another trick is that I heat the hero bread on top of the meat while it’s cooking. Really steams it well.

  4. I must have subconsciously been responding to the mayonaise. Looks delish.

  5. always use Hellman’s. the hero bread made it great as well. I make a crazy after-thanksgiving sandwich . trick is to cook it with mayo. oh, it’s so good.

  6. […] cheese or whatever is leftover, and close hero. This hero can be found in the background of my Ironbeer exploration pictures. Click to see full […]

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