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Judy Ruminates… Chinese House – Murray Hill, Queens

Here is the first post from new writer Judy Ruminates. Judy will pop in now and again with a review or musing of her own. She is born and bred Queens, world traveled, but more importantly shares the adventurous and inquisitive attitude towards eating that is valuable to this site. She visits more sushi in Forest Hills and Manhattan and more Flushing trips overall than I do, so this should expand the reach of this site. And she just might class up the joint. Enjoy! and give her some feedback!
-Jeffrey Tastes

Chinese House
Categories: Korean, Chinese
Neighborhood: Murray Hill
149-08 41 Avenue
Queens, NY 11355
(718) 358-0468

Out in the middle of suburbia, well, ok, the Flushing that’s east of Main St, is a place called Chinese House. If you happened to be walking by, you would think, OHHH boy! I’ll get myself some beef and broccoli! When you step inside though, it’s all [dramatic pause] Koreans! You think, um…alright…scratch your head and peruse the menu, seeing lots of familiar dishes listed. You finally find beef and broccoli but the price is [dramatic pause #2] a whopping $15!!! [cue Twilight Zone soundtrack] What is going on?!

Despite the name, you are not in a Chinese restaurant. Chinese House serves a uniquely Korean-Chinese cuisine. What is Korean-Chinese cuisine, you might ask? Our organizer, the only Korean in our group, explained that this is food prepared by the Chinese living in Korea. It’s Chinese food with Korean ingredients and an overall Korean sensibility. You will find banchan here, the numerous little appetizer dishes that come free with any meal, and that tell-tale Korean red spiciness in many of the dishes. This ain’t no Panda Express.

This seafood soup was part of the banchan:

Our group sampled a ton of dishes for dinner and I couldn’t even describe what we had half the time, but I can tell you it was plenty delicious. I do recommend the pork belly and the jellyfish with garlic sauce in particular. I expected to recognize more of what I was eating, but to my surprise, only one dish tasted familiar to this Chinese chica and it involved sweet and sour chicken bits 0_0 — Judy Ruminates

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  1. Hey, it’s Grace from Christmas Day Sunset Park noshing.

    This is one of the most popular Korean-Chinese restaurants in Flushing. I didn’t get this, but the last time I was there, I saw two girls sharing a giant bowl with a divider in between–half for jiangjiangmyeon, noodles with black bean sauce, and jampong, noodles in spicy soup with seafood. Everything tastes like MSG but in a good way, like home 🙂 Korean-Chinese in Korea is like pizza here–THE food to have delivered, available everywhere. I’ve heard jiangjiangmyeon is a real Chinese dish, albeit very different, which is why I’m a little obsessed with trying this place:

    Apparently you can get both the Korean and Chinese versions!

  2. wtf is this jeff?

  3. That’s right, Matt. Haven’t you gotten a little tired of hearing me speak?? I thought this would mix it up a bit. Even my mom thought it was good, here’s what she wrote, Subj: Judy “I liked her article. The first paragraph made me smile[usually only
    you can do that as quite rare}.who is she?”

  4. you should tell mama orlick to post those comments in the comments section. dene are you out there?

    who is judy? and is her last name really ruminates? haha lol!

  5. Korean Chinese is definitely an overlooked cuisine – growing up in Southern California, I actually went years thinking that it was just Chinese food – and never wondering why all of the employees spoke Korean 😛

    I’d say that jiajiangmen (black bean noodles) are much better at a good Chinese place – more complex flavors – but most Koreans go nuts over the sweeter comfort food stylings of the Korean Chinese version… mention the word and watch them swoon!

    A good Korean Chinese place will also have impeccable fried meats and fried rice – sounds boring, I know, but like Grace said, a lot of the dishes are fast-foodish… but in a very clean way if done well.

    Looks like I gotta get back to Flushing to try some of this stuff! Thanks for the post, Judy :]

  6. Grace and James- Thanks for the feedback! You both taught me something new about Korean-Chinese food! It’s definitely a cuisine I’ll try again.

  7. Great Post.Thanks For sharing this post.

  8. Wow its very Delicious food. Thanks for sharing.


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