Posted by: Jeffsayyes | January 13, 2010

Friends Korean, Goodbye. Koba, you left the door open…

Friends Korean of Woodside came and went. They garnered some hype on chowhound and we even had one of our most successful Food Groups there. I thought the food was pleasing to the utmost, but it wasn’t enough. They were sold, the chef/owner Jay said he was moving his family operation to a location in Sunnyside on Greenpoint Ave and the mid 40s (unverified).

Enter Koba. With more menu pictures and less selections. The photos show dishes like chicken cutlets in black containers compartmentalized into 3s; reminded me of airplane meals. The third hit point on the front of the menu was microwavable containers. I threw the menu out, but did get a snapshot of the outside. As you can tell, I’m turned off. But those are just my first impressions. Give me a reason to come back.

64-16 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

and can I just say how cool the signage on Friends was??? I mean, look at it…


  1. So sad about Friend’s. It was solid and open late. Friggin’ eh, I can think of 10 other restaurants in Woodside that should have closed down instead.

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