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75th Street NE truck

75th Street NE truck

These guys run a tight ship. Their cart was just upgraded and is always spotless. No name on the cart yet, but plenty of menus. This is one of the few places you are invited to get things like huaraches, sopes, gorditas in handwriting rather than plastic cure-all signage.

And they’re open 24 hours.

This white board may change, but in general the same items are on it. Here are the translations from a day in December 2009.

Tenemos – We have
Avena – Mexican oatmeal drink
Cafe Caliente – Hot coffee
Quesadillas – cheese filled tortilla, turned onto itself, with a choice of:
-de flor de cabeza – flower of pumpkin
-de huitlacoche – corn smut (mushrooms)
-Regulares – regular – plain?
Tostadas – Fried tortilla (probably corn) with fixins
Burritos – Large tortilla shell. Usually filled with beans, rice, meat, lettuce and anything else they feel like putting in. This should be a complete meal in a tortilla.
tortas – Mexican Sandwich
Tacos Caseros – Homestyle Tacos. I think this is just an advertisement that the tacos are homestyle. I am not sure, but I believe if you ordered “Tacos Caseros” they would just look at you waiting to hear what you wanted inside your “taco”.
Gorditas de chicharron – Fat tortilla taco with chopped pig skin inside
Sopes – thick, fried masa shell. Probably topped with refried beans, lettuce, meat of your choice and cheese. Similar to a smaller, thicker huarache.
Orden tacos dorados – Fried tacos, probably similar to flautas

Huaraches – Open faced on a large, thick tortilla. With bean spread, meat of your choice, lettuce, cheese. (see pic at bottom)
Gorditas – Fat tortilla taco with fillings
Tostadas – Fried tortilla (probably corn) with fixins

Tacos de
Bisteck – Steak
Carnitas – fried pork
Pollo – Chicken
Cecina – salted beef
Chorizo – Mexican sausage
Lengua – Tongue
Oreja – Pig ear
Carne Enchilada – Spicy pork

Tortas – Mexican sandwich
Milanesa de Pollo – Fried chicken cutlet
Milanesa de Rez – Fried Beef cutlet

arroz y huevo – rice and egg – probably a taco filling

Quesadilas – cheese filled tortilla, turned onto itself.
Hongos – Mushroom
Huitlacoche – Corn Mushroom
Flor de calabasa – pumpkin flower
Queso – cheese
Tinga – Spicy chicken
Chicharron – Fried pork skin
Carne al gusto – meat of your choice
calabazitas – squash


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