Posted by: Jeffsayyes | November 27, 2009

Roosevelt Ave Street Food Crawl is a GO!

Hey everyone, Things are looking smooth for the Roosevelt Avenue Street Food Crawl. There will be a lot of people coming, so I anticipate going in smaller groups as people arrive so as not to overload the taco vendors. I made maps for this occasion with points of interest to guide us down the Avenue.

For the After-party, we are going to meet at Nueva Villa China at 3910 103rd Street – probably from 3 – ? pm . They have a big space with not many customers, cheap drinks, and low music. Just take a seat there when you are done if you want to talk to other crawlers as we stumble in.

I can’t even believe it, the journey is less than 2 miles. My advice to you: Try not to eat too much towards the beginning and take your time walking the path. Bring friends or arrange to split things with who you are walking with. It would be a good idea to split sandwiches in fours and Ecuadorian meals the same. I do not envy anyone who chooses to eat a taco at each stand, although I have some admiration.

There are a ton of things to see along the way. The weather should be nice, so have fun and enjoy my favorite corridor in NYC.

Here is a map of many of the possibilities for the crawl
Check the main page for details on the tour, menu translations, cemita pictures and more…

Hope to see you there,
Jeff Orlick

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