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Tre Amici’s – Seaford Road Stand

Tre Amici’s
Categories: Food Stands, Italian
4034 Sunrise Hwy
Seaford, NY 11783
(516) 315-4860

Food Finders Rule: Truckers and contractors know where to eat. You’ll usually see a minimum 3 trucks parked on the street, so if you don’t know it’s there, the obstructions may cause you to pass it by.

They sell:
Hot Dogs
London Broil
You can verify this by the brim of the stand pulled by a black pickup truck.

Sausages are gigantor and add delicious upon delicious. This kicks the shit out of any carnival stand that are all amazing in their own right. First of all, they are over a foot long – it’s basically 2 sausages per. The bread is big, but STILL the Sausdogs’ knobs peek out at the ends. Secondly, it BURSTS of juices sweet, hot – I have NEVER made it home without ripping open the end and taking a bite. These are also cheaper than your typical street fair sausage. Oh what a feeling!

London Broils give any philly cheesesteak a run for their money. Griled in front of you, then given a special steak sauce blend creating a smoke storm of flavor under the overhang. Mixed with onions, peppers, put in the hero. Then an integral part – you must choose the optional fromage. It’s all about squeeze cheese, baby.

The quality and realness allows it to stand next to any food cart in the country. You cannot get a better sausage anywhere. Not in this Italian town, not in this state, not in the country.

I have never had a hot dog from here and I never will. On the rare chance I would deny myself a sausage, there is no way I would ALSO deny that rare london broil. Hot dogs, I love you. Save you for Coney Island. Today, Seaford brings us Sausage.

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