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Brozzetti’s Pizza – Johnson City, NY

Brozzetti’s Pizza
Category: Pizza
72 Baldwin St
Johnson City, NY 13790
(607) 797-9960

I came back to Binghamton 4 years after graduating. One of the main reasons was to try Brozzetti’s pizza. I never heard of it before – but it is apparently legendary!

It sits at the back of the hospital in Johnson City, and like the people who choose to drink the water in Binghamton, it’s kept alive by the hospital workers. There are no tables, so you will invariably be eating with the locals in the parking lot beside doctors and nurses taking smoke breaks out of sight of bosses (and lung cancer patients).

I wouldn’t even say it’s a step up from Elios. It is one of those crappy regional pizzas so unique that every month or so you get this irrational taste in your mouth’s mind and can’t get it out until you have another slice. The crust is chewy, and by the end of the rectangle pie the cold slices are just worthless. The sauce is a grade below Hunt’s catsup and the cheese is a blend of 2 of the cheapest cheeses at the Giant.

For some reason I want some now. Damn these masochistic taste buds!

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  1. The problem was that you tried the wrong pizza from there.

    The only one worth getting is the garlic pizza with bacon on it (it’s a white pizza, no tomato sauce). Then, you’ll understand.

    Try again next time you’re up that way.

    I live in Florida (though I was born in the hospital next to that place), and somehow feel the need to get a garlic pizza every time I go up there.

  2. I grew up in Johnson City although I now live in SE Ohio. Alot of our family still lives there, however, and everytime we go back, it’s tradition for us to get a Brozzetti’s sheet pizza. I love it, have always loved it, and no matter how crappy the ingredients are, it’s one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted! Of course, the memories that come with it may have something to do with that!

  3. cardboard boxes taste better

  4. They have been there coming up on 70 years. So, which speaks louder? A random unknown on the net or 70 years in business?
    Sit down and hush up.

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