Posted by: Jeffsayyes | October 22, 2009

11th Street Bar – East Village, NY

11th Street Bar
Category: Bars
Neighborhood: East Village
510 E 11th St
(between Avenue A & Avenue B)
New York, NY 10009
(212) 982-3929
a review from 30 to midnight

Not a bad option. Low key, plenty of seating. Susceptible to frat guys, older men, cute girls, soft musicians, couples, groups, and white people. I would regard the people here as more non-threatening than friendly, it makes it easier to approach someone than the other way around.

Remember, dark doesn’t always mean dive as this is no dive bar. The beer isnt cheap as it’s gloom would have you believe.

I like the name. I’m not kidding, it’s not distinct but I will always remember where it is. If it were named Shrewd’s Brew it might be cooler, if it were Lenny’s it might be lamer, call it Paper Towel Washdown and it’s valid for only a limited time. 11th Street Bar by any other name I would never come back.


  1. This bar is the WORST neighbor. The bartenders are RUDE, and DISRESPECTFUL. The bar doesn’t care that they have their BACK ROOM in the middle of the gardens, in the middle of the RESIDENTIAL block. They are truly a public nuisance, and their close neighbors, especially in the backyard are very harmed by their abusive, inconsiderate, impudent, and injurious behavior.

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