Posted by: Jeffsayyes | October 19, 2009

Salerno – Italian Deli, Massapequa, LI

Salerno Fine Italian Food
Categories: Delis, Ethnic Food
4141 Merrick Rd
Massapequa, NY 11758
(516) 798-2553
(closed Mondays)

I went with the expectation of eating the greatest Italian hero I’ve ever known. Part of the anticipation came because I came on a Monday three times in a row, only to give myself repeated self-deprecating moments of remembering that they are closed Mondays. The other part was the chalk board out front advertising the Italian hero and the prior experiences walking past where I took notice of the sign’s genuine nature.

You can see the dried meats in the pictures. Looks pretty legit to me. As for the Italian hero, while not the biggest, there were some great cuts of meat in there plus roasted red peppers without my request Thank you.

Not THE greatest, but still very good (the bread could have a little more love put into it), I am still on my search. That being siad, this is a place that should be documented. This is an obviously authentic Italian store and deli which avoids the ubiquitous Boars Head meats. If you are looking for an Italian market and feel like Salpino’s might be selling out, here you will find shelves stocked 10 feet high of real Italian foods operated by no punk kids. What makes it good is not love, but it’s is serious.

Chowhounders search for an Italian hero


  1. Hey Jeff-This is big Frank from Hornato. Thanks for a great evening. For an Italian sub, have you tried Sal’s?

  2. Sal’s has been on my list since before I moved here. It’s just slightly too far for a short jaunt from my place. Posting this review got me aching for another Italian hero. Maybe tomorrow I will make my maiden voyage…

    • You live just a few subway stops away from a very well known Sandwich shop, yet you have never been there. And yet travel all the way down to Massapequa to try an Italian hero???

      And you’re calling ME Wacky? Look yourself mirror Girlfriend, and tell me you’re no hot mess.

  3. My hometown of Wantagh is close to this shop. and I wrote this before I moved to Queens – my reviews are very backlogged.

    Just ate an Italian hero from Sorriso. I think I’m back on the Italian hero kick.

  4. I went exploring for Salerno today… there is a new sign; Salerno is no more.

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