Posted by: Jeffsayyes | October 17, 2009

Frankie’s Tavern – Binghamton Bar, a Karaoke experience

Frankie’s Tavern
126 Henry St
Binghamton, NY 13901
(607) 773-8146

The closest possible jaunt from a game, caddy corner NYSEG stadium’s entrance and you will stumble into Frankie’s. Literally, you will stumble in Frankie’s because there’s at least 2 camouflaged steps leading up to the bar through a door always crowded with patrons possibly smoking.

We were so happy to find they were holding karaoke. It was my first real experience doing it. What a great time! The way the “stage” is set up, there is a bar on a lower level which you may find yourself singing to if anyone bothers turning around to hear your rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”.

There is a a larger space with a pool table and other tables to sit at if you want to passively drink, think, and research your next song. I am guessing the bar was as busy as it gets, but still the queue for a song was around 4 or 5 songs. The crowd is kind of encouraging too.

The four of us probably had 10 songs altogether. We learned that some songs just aren’t good and if you like a song for it’s guitar playing, it’s probably not a good song to karaoke to. From both ends, I like it when it’s a solo rather than a group sing, but you know, sometimes people need some help.

When we finally left we were treated like kings by the ladies hanging out possibly smoking at the front door.
Ohh, YOU were my favorite! You should try out for American Idol” (I’m not kidding)
Then we noticed nearly all the patrons were a result of the state’s mass eviction of patients from the mental hospital back in the 70’s. (I’m not kidding) – so we kinda took it with a grain of salt.

Unfortunately the nice girl who runs the karaoke machine has since moved to Texas. I may have to retire my excellent Marty Robbins rendition of El Paso, too bad. Where’s my motivation now?

Pitchers are Binghamton cheap, so that’s good.

Binghamton State Hospital RIP

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