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Norwegian Seaman’s Church Business Lunch Buffet Wrap

The Business Lunch at the Norwegian Seaman’s Church was….

Price jumped a bit to $22 (from $17 last year).

It’s come my attention that there is no information on this lunch out there. I jotted down some dates for the next few months. Please give them a call in the days before you go to verify that they still intend on having the business lunch. The organizer of year’s past left, so now they only do it once a month. And even though they seem capable, and I heard these dates from the pastor, I wouldn’t trust the event to be set in stone.

The announced dates are: Wed, October 14th and Wed, November 11th from noon to 2pm. There will also be a Christmas Eve dinner – reminiscent of Fanny and Alexander, I’m told (reservations required).

So here is what I experienced:
There were 3 tables of dishes. 1 big two-tiered table with smoked fish, cooked fish, canned fish, herring fish swimming in picklings, fish on/with eggs, hearty grain bread and one or two cured meats. Plus a quarter of that table devoted to about 7 types of cheeses.

The second table holds hot offerings, this occasion offered Norwegian meatballs. The third was just tea and napkins and disregarding it would not be considered oversight. I tend to be overly meticulous at times, so I say that there were 3 tables.

Pictures from the Norwegian Seaman’s Church Business Lunch Buffet

Goat cheese on the right – tasted like caramel.

Nice selection of cheeses. I should have devoted my first plate to them.

It was the first time I sat next to a lonely woman at the dining hall in a long time. She was at least 76 and I felt very confident. I mentioned the similarity to Jewish funeral food. Which is better than Jewish wedding food in many people’s opinion (including my own). Lots of smoked fish, few hot items, bread and some deli meat. Mostly food in small bites, surrounded by mostly old people. And me, hoping their smells wouldn’t ruin my appetite.

This was similar to prusciutto and eggs. It was noon, but still it was a heavier breakfast that I’d prefer. The pieces of rolled meat are big and tight – would you ever hear me complain the meat is too dense? No skimping, this was common. No rushing for a piece, no need to load up, no worries for early run-outs.

At the taste depth of 7 seconds, the meatballs had a strong flavor very similar to KFC’s secret recipe. And I got the rundown: These Norwegian meatballs are all beef with salt, pepper, nutmeg, beef and chicken boullion. There’s probably more, but I am closer and closer to the elusive KFC secret recipe vault.

It was fun and different. You cannot get food closer to home than a church, and I appreciate it for that. That being said, the excitement level was appropriate for the age group and there’s something about cold fish which seems appropriate for the event. I’m glad I went and I’ll go back if you want to go. Until then….

Fanny och Alexander
Eating in Translation review from last year. All of these foods were present at my trip.
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