Posted by: Jeffsayyes | September 16, 2009

September JH Food Group Takes on Spicy Mina

It is true! The favorite loser for the Jackson Heights Food Group is Spicy Mina. This was the second chance vote of all the unpicks for the group. I am excited because I haven’t been here before and it’s supposed to be outstanding Bangladeshi food.

The group is open, all you have to do is want to go. We are a group based in Jackson Heights going to sometimes adventurous, always authentic restaurants in the neighborhood. If you are interested in coming, send me a comment or email.

6423 Broadway
Woodside, NY 11377
(718) 205-2340
Date: Sept 20th
Time: 7pm.

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  1. I will be there! Thanks, as ever, for organizing. Jennie

  2. Kindred spirits we are! I live in Jackson Heights and can’t find any fellow adventurous eaters to until I came across your blog. What is the best way to receive updates (facebook, twitter) instead of rss particularly for upcoming events?

  3. Hey Frank, this is Exactly why I started this group! You are not alone! I wanted to go to all these great places, but I wanted to go with other people and all my friends make such a big production out of coming to Queens. Also, I wanted to be able to try a full selection of food to get a good picture of what they can do.

    I don’t have facebook, but you can follow all my updates and food happenings on twitter at – which you can see at the bar on the right side.

    also I can add you to the email list for the food group. I’ll go ahead an add you now. Next announcement will be this weekend. It’s the year anniversary.

  4. I hear you on the big production of coming out to Queens. Definitely add me to the email list. I ate at John’s of Elmhurst (based on your recommendation) and although I can see the appeal of their slice (kind of too perfect for my liking) I definitely think there are places that make a better slice. I love the Artichoke slice although it falls into the genetically engineered for pizza goodness category. Have you tried the stuffed pizza at Dynasty Deli on the corner of 73rd St & 37th Ave?

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