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Village Yokocho – East Village, New York

Village Yokocho
Category: Japanese
Neighborhood: East Village
8 Stuyvesant St
(between 11th St & 12th St)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 598-3041

If you take my mind’s euphoria and create a pub out of it, this is the incarnation. Walk up the stairway from the not so apparent opening – is this what Zeppelin sang about? I suddenly feel outdoor, with the sushi hut on the side and the lighting and the smells, I feel open air….

There are sooo many items on the menu. So much crazy, wild, hot, soft, weird, and usual with a kick. On more than a few dishes, bonito flakes freshly topped the too hot food. This gave an unreal presentation with the flakes curling and turning for the first couple of minutes – “ooohh, It’s alive!!” Very cool effect.

So many types of sake to try. And the beer goes down sooo easily. I could drink those pitchers forever, just keep feeding me more skewers, octopus balls, and everything else on the menu. While some items are a joke to get (yakitori onion – it’s like $2 for a slice of grilled onion), the tapas are a deal and a half (a plate full of fried squid legs for $5).

Before coming here, I never knew a place like this existed! If you were in the dark as I was, it will surely change your life to come here. And it’s open till 3am! If you are my friend, you will come here with me. Reversely, if you come here with me, you will quickly become my friend.

I love the Japanese. First sushi, now this. This is what my Disney Land looks like.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

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  1. Dear Orlick –

    Great blog post! I LOVE this place – I’m Emily, writer of In the Making. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Thanks so much and keep up the good writing!

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