Posted by: Jeffsayyes | September 3, 2009

Manhattan Pizza Tour – Last stop on the 5-Boro Pizza Tour.

The 5-Boro Pizza Tour makes it’s last stop in Manhattan on Sunday, September 13th. After embarking on tours for the outer boroughs, we finally end our journey in the borough that never ceases to evolve. From Brooklyn’s relentless top notch pizzerias to Queens’ working-man slice to the family style eating of Staten Island then the neighborhood shops of the Bronx, we have traveled hard in search of discovering the differences in boroughs and trying to find love in the form of a pizza.

The course is still in the planning phases and I will go on an exploratory tours all next week. If anyone is interested in going during the days of the week, send me an email. Today 2 friends and I went on an exploratory tour around bleeker street, we went to Johns, Joes, Bleeker St and Keste. 2 were eliminated.

For now, you can check out the Pizza Map. It is nearly impossible to find excellent pizza in Manhattan that is as undiscovered as some of the places we went to in the outer boroughs. Our places here are almost certain to be all top-tier and at least one will probably be from places not primarily known for pizza.

For transportation, we will use the subway while we are uptown and when we get to downtown, we will walk. There will be no drivers, so everyone pays an equal share. We should aim for 12:33 at the first location TBA.

This is an extra challenging tour. There are just too many places to try. On the positive side, many of the potential slices are very thin. Should we have a regular pie and more at singular places, or have just one at each and go an absurd number? There are too many to try to figure out your Best of NYC. I’m just looking to have a good “tour”, I think we can do that.

Please let me know if you and any guests want to come. We can have half shares if you think 6 slices is too much for you. Forward this to any freaks of pizza you know who you think would like to attend. If seats have to be limited, whoever attended previous tours will get 1st priority.

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