Posted by: Jeffsayyes | July 27, 2009

Queens Pizza Tour Wrap-Up

The Queens Pizza Tour was great! I didn’t limit the amount of attendees, but by the graces of God we ended up with 8 people – perfect for the 8 slices of a pie. And I couldn’t have asked for nicer, more pizza freak people.

Strangely, as soon as we decided to begin the tour, a Church procession with God music started playing in the streets. As the parade of parishioners moved passed us; it was a grandiose yet fitting way to begin the pizza adventure. The light was surely shining on us that Sunday, and if you wanted to add a baptism reference to the end of the day, you can with the incredible water storms. Enough revelry, here’s the pic:

The tour of pizza worked out excellent with the different varieties, starting with a thick bakery slice with little cheese, a gourmet slice, and 3 excellent NY slices.

We had our own personal photographer for Rose and Joes and then John’s of Elmhurst. I am glad he stuck around because the shots were much more photogenic at the Elmhurst pizzeria. We actually finished our pie before he got to John’s, but we were so happy with it that about half of us didn’t mind eating a second slice from there for the photo op.

Johns Pizzeria and our photog

John's Pizzeria


Johns Pizzeria pie

John's Pizzeria pie

Nicks slice

Nick's slice


Amore Pizzeria

Amore Pizzeria

Amore Pizzeria

Amore Pizzeria


New Park slice

New Park slice

I was surprised that over half the group thought John’s Pizzeria was the best. I found this place while working in the neighborhood one day, I thought it was a gem, but not until everyone agreed did I think this could be competition for best in the city. For a little neighborhood place, this outlasted all the pizzerias who sold out for different ingredients and cooking methods.

I don’t even think the pictures do the justice. These 5 pizzerias were all outstanding. I recommend this trip to any Queens or pizza enthusiast.

Funny thing is, some would think I’d tire of pizza after this. But no, I Love Pizza. I want more. Brrrrrooklyn next!

Pictures from the Queens Pizza Tour (yes, even the Mass parade in Astoria, truly a surreal moment to start the day, and Flushing dumpling stall for dessert)

Pizzerias that narrowly missed the cut include: V I Pizza of Bayside, Dani’s House of Pizza of Kew Gardens and Alfie’s in Richmond Hill.


  1. My favorite post! I’ve never seen Roosevelt closed for a parade – wish I’d seen that. The John’s out of the oven pizza looks amazing. I will follow up on ALL these spots immediately!

  2. I’m a born and bred Queens girl / pizza addict, but have moved to the other side of the Atlantic 10 years ago, so sites like this make me both happy and nostalgic (and not just for pizza).

    I’m sure there are so many more pizzerias you wanted to check out, but there’s only so much time you can devote to this obsession, I fully can appreciate.

    Next time you do this, though, I can highly recommend two fantastic pizzerias for you to check out – one is in Bayside (where I lived for nine years, right off Bell Blvd) called VIP Pizza. Gorgeous, gorgeous pizza. But even better than VIP (if that’s possible) is Peppino’s Pizza in Woodside, on 61st Street. Wooside is an amazing but hidden gem, I’ve always thought, and Peppino’s proves that. Not only is their pizza amazing, but check out their zeppoles, their calzones, their garlic balls, their meatball and sausage heroes! OMG – foodie heaven actually does exist – go to Peppino’s some time soon and experience it for yourself. You’ll wonder where this place has been all your life, and how you lived without it!

  3. God, does this make me miss Angelo’s on Main St near Jewel Ave in Flushing! had the best pizza in the world, had been eating it in my college days at Queens College! Sadly, after 35 years, it seems that they are gone… RIP…

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