Posted by: Jeffsayyes | July 21, 2009

Pat’s Korner – Seaford, NY

Pat’s Korner
Category: Restaurants
2140 Jackson Ave
Seaford, NY 11783
(516) 785-9626

I appreciate it because it’s a dying breed. Pat’s Korner lies in the middle of Seaford – from back when shopping centers lied in the middle of towns and not as mini-malls accompanying Walmart.

The food for the most part isn’t great. Regular sandwiches, normal specials for a not-good price, cantankerous signs telling you breakfast stops at 11am. I guess you might come here if the supermarket is closed.

The people here like each other, and may give you a bit of a smile, but for the most part if you aren’t a regular, their service is begrudged.

“Hey Jeff, look at that sign”
-Up Saddam’s Ass- (USA)

Not quite middle America.

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