Posted by: Jeffsayyes | July 19, 2009

Pictures from the Indonesian Food Bazaar Festival

The Food Bazaar was great! It was in the backyard of the church, filled to capacity with vendors along the outside, a steady stream of gawkers and ordering people circling the area, and a tent with tables on the inside. I chose to eat on the side of the building like a day laborer, but hey, I like the street.

I am not familiar with Indonesian food, so I cannot describe with Indonesian terms. I saw people eating to report there, so I’m sure it will be on some sites soon enough. Many of the booths had repeated items, mostly meat on a stick (which echoed later in the day at the Colombian Independence Festival in Flushing Meadows Park). Many also had leaf wrapped items, baked pockets empanada lookalikes, and Indonesian drinks. The area in the back had lovely ladies mashing and mixing in peanuts to sticks of vegetables and other things I am utterly impotent in explaining. Luckily I took pictures before I left.

Watch for more info on chowhound

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