Posted by: Jeffsayyes | June 29, 2009

Street Vendor Food Carts – Helen Sears’ Proposal to Remove them

Proposed Bill by Helen Sears, Leroy Comrie, and Oliver Koppell. This bill intends to severely limit food cart business in Jackson Heights.


Are the sidewalks on Roosevelt too busy? Not really.
Are they busy? Yes, they’re busy. This is a city. I love the bustle. I love the people. That’s why I came here from boring Long Island. These carts block traffic and they also create traffic. They create tourism. No one is coming from Manhattan to go to Novo. I know of many people who come here for the carts and the culture on the streets of Jackson Heights.

Many of the food carts I don’t go to. If they are dirty, you should not give them your business. If they are in violation, you should report them. They are not allowed to violate the laws. The best ones will be here tomorrow. The worst will disappear.

Why are foodcarts the enemies and storefronts the heroes? I say let the best of the purveyors survive. American Chicken deserves to go. There is nothing spectacular about their food at all. In this neighborhood, that shouldn’t fly. Taqueria Coatzingo will always be in business. They run a tight ship. They are one of the best. Surrounded by food carts.

I don’t think the newer or older residents of the historic district are the problem. I think the residents who are co-signing the proposal by Helen Sears, Leroy Comrie, and Oliver Koppell are the problem. I think the councilmakers who voted for the revitalization of Willets Point are the problem.

Email Helen Sears:
Email Community Board 3:

Letter from Jackson Heights Beautification Group on the proposal
Running for a 3rd term, Helen Sears
Queens Crap
Change NYC


  1. FYI, Leroy Comrie has dropped his support for this bill.

  2. Good Job VAMOS UNIDOS!!! Keep fighting for your rights, you have the communities’ support! You made Leroy Comrie drop support for the bill!!! Awesome. He is scummy and a typical politician.

  3. No surprise Sears wants to banish vendors from her district. She has never been on the side of immigrants (unless of course they contribute to her campaign).

    She voted against a city council resolution condemning the Patriot Act, a notorious anti-immigrant bill.

    More about her failure:

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