Posted by: Jeffsayyes | March 3, 2009

Endorsement: Chow Tips Videos

These videos are great! I’ve never delved into them before, but today I’m going through the whole list. Each video is about a minute or less and provides a narrow scope of a lesson. The teachers are usually chefs at restaurants or people who have some clout with what they are demonstrating.

In the past 15 minutes, I have learned how to eat the good parts of a crab, de-pit an avocado, keep oil at a hot temperature when adding, that all beer is ale or lager, how to brown butter, all about cheese knives, bargaining at farmers markets, and why shopping at a cheese shop is good. Even if you know the answers, it’s good to get the tip from an expert and see how they do it.

You don’t need a big block of time to pick up some tips. Perfect for a person like me with a short attention span and a thirst to cook better.

Check it out:
Chow Tip Videos from

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