Posted by: Jeffsayyes | February 18, 2009

Sunday in Little Bogata – February Food Group

Casa Columbia
8623 Roosevelt Ave
5.25 pm
– to try and beat the crowds. If there are any…. This place is open 24-hours a day. While I’d love to do a 1am, I might be eating alone in this case…

Here are some articles:

Plus, a good resource is the thread on here:
— this podcast isn’t bad. I listened to it this morning. Doesn’t shed a ton of light on the cuisine, but it gets you in the colombian mode – thats for sure.

As for the afterparty, for those who are game, we could go to Terraza Cafe/Bar

It’s a secret and it’s basically the coolest bar ever.

SO there you have it…. Sunday, 5.25pm Casa Colombia. Sunday in Little Bogata.


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