Posted by: Jeffsayyes | December 5, 2008

Cardiolo’s Pupuseria – Huntington Station, NY

Cardiolo’s Pupuseria
Category: Latin American
1760 New York Ave
Huntington Station, NY 11746
(631) 351-0219

The first empanada de platano I believe I’ve ever seen. How do they make it? It’s a platanos based shell with some creamy goodness inside and sugar coating on top. oooohhhhh mann. That’s some wild shit.

Another crazy concoction I’ve only seen here: Salvadoran Chicken Sandwich or Pan con Pollo. It is one of the greatest sandwiches in history. Order it and the process starts in front of you. It is a hero roll with some sort of mayo on it topped with chicken stew. Then they add cole slaw, a beet, cucumber pieces, yuca, tomato, and a whole egg. THEN they top it off with juice from the chicken stew again. Wow. It even tastes better than it looks with all the juices from the stew and coleslaw and other elements absorbed into the bread. All for $3.50!! Unbelievable.

Huntington Station, my eyes dart around looking for that authentic Latin American food that I know is everywhere. Cardiolo’s Pupuseria, is one of the nicer ones I’ve been to on the Island. It’s located in a mini-mall with a clean green sign linked to the rest of the business on the lot. Makes me fear for gentrification.

Fears clear, I’d be surprised if this El Salvadorian foodery caters towards the white man’s vision of burritos or chimichungas. There are so many items that are new to me here. Every time I go, I stare at the selections for minutes, always letting at least one person go ahead of me. My stomach growling as my eyes weep.

The counter is probably the largest I’ve ever seen. The hot foods account for around 10 feet across while 5 feet on both sides are dedicated to latin food accessories such as the mango slices I’ve been missing since Red Hook of yesteryear.

There is much more in Huntington Station. This is just the tip.

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