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Fountain Restaurant – Albany, NY

Fountain Restaurant
283 New Scotland Ave
Albany, NY 12208
(518) 482-9898
Category: Pizza
Originally written: 12/18/2007

I was in Albany and I wanted a REAL bar pie. A place with checkerboard tables and good old-time pizza with pitchers and wings and whatever else goes with it. I knew I could get it; Albany is upstate… and low-profile… and the locals like to drink.

We found everything I was looking for and more at Fountain.

Saturday night we walked in. Can you believe it? A 6 member old-tyme jazz band playing. I love that stuff. What is that? Swing? I can’t stand it on the radio, but in person, oh man, I’m in. Old guys kick butt.

The pizza was delicious and so was the rest of the food. Maybe it was because it was a special treat for me, I don’t know of any bar pies where I live. It’s more of a middle of nowhere kind of bar food. Do you think the locals tire of it?

It’s been a year, but let me describe it from memory: hard, thick, sweet crust. hot, light, melted cheese. soft red sauce. corners slightly burnt. ohh does my memory recall or create?

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