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Chipotle – Farmingdale, NY

901 Broad Hollow Rd
Farmingdale, NY 11735
(631) 845-4598
Category: Mexican
written: 12/11/2007

Mexican food for white people.

If you want Latin American food, go north to Conklin Rd / Hempstead Tpke / 24 and head West. There are 4 more, authentic places with great rice, beans and guac within 2 miles along that road.

The first on your left is a little deli-like place that is authentic but very unrefined. I’ve forgotten the name, but the dining area in the back has stuck in my mind. A little shady but real as anything.

Continue down Conklin until the street turns to 1 lane. The first place on the right is El Paso Grill. This one of my favorite restaurants of all-time. It broke my authentic Latino food hymen and turned me into an hombre. If you were hankering for a burrito or taco – I strongly suggest you try it here instead of Chipotle. They also have great meals in general and are very friendly. Their burritos are great, but I usually have what’s on the steam tables.

2 doors down separated by only a Chinese takeout is a Latino deli. They sometimes have a large selection and usually are good at their dry meats. There are usually people hanging out inside and on the corner, but that doesn’t mean the food is always fresh. Be careful for what’s been sitting out all day. I’m not sure when they initially cook the food. I’ve never seen anything new brought out.

Half a mile west is another great Latino deli. They have excellent soups and usually have a good variety of meats and other foods. This is surprisingly one of the best samples of Salvadoran food I’ve ever had.

In closing, Chipotle is ruining America and your taste buds. They have watered down food, culture and contribution to the neighborhood.

Do you want to have your food served to you by machines or by your neighbor? Who do you want your money going to?

Their official website is pretty cool.


  1. Chipotle culture is crazy. I think the funniest part about it is people think they are eating authentic Mexican food when they dive into the burritos here. Burritos made this way aren’t even Mexican – they’re from Texas. That said, I did visit the website and I must say I am a fan of this guy:

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