Posted by: Jeffsayyes | October 6, 2008

Atlantic Antic 2008

I hit the Atlantic Antic this weekend. My first time. It was cool. I’ll be back next year.

The food was my favorite out of any street festival I’ve been to. Plenty of Carribean, soul food, local restaurants and some delicacy imports like this brick-oven on a trailer stand:

The crowd was huge and the street went on forever. I was so excited walking through, I didn’t realize how tired I was until we finally stopped in Brazen Head.

So, what did we eat??? My friend started by having collared greens, yams and meatloaf at soul spot. I had bacalao fritters and platanos maduro outside a church. I had squishy codfish cakes – with some great homemade sweet and sour sauce and hot sauce and also conch fritters at the location pictured below. My other friend had red velvet cake, pork vietnamese sandwich and takehome fried fish from Soul Spot for his sweet. I also had escoveitch fish with bread fruit from a Jamaican stand – which I now learn is something related to ceviche.

I learned the best food and entertainment came from the churches. I liked seeing the local restaurants and was a little put off by some of the traveling stands – why am I such a homebody snob?

<There were many local shops peddling from tents. Antique furniture, clothes, and other stuff you see at a festival/flea market.

Atlantic Antic official site


  1. What are these conch fritters you indulged in?

  2. they were like flat slops of batter and conch pieces fried. pretty good. i preferred the codfish cakes and the bacalao fritters to them though ( i love bacala since christmas as a child in an Italian home (my neighbor’s)).

  3. i wanna try them. where do you think they are on a regular basis?

  4. some untraveled soulfood and carribean spots in the heart of brooklyn. That’s a neighborhood I need to get accostomed to, but the transportation to get there is a bitch.

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