Posted by: Jeffsayyes | October 1, 2008

My Vegetarian Week Experiment

For one week, I did not eat meat. This is my tale.

one week as a vegetarian
vegetarian day 1 midday
vegetarian week – day 1 night time
vegetarian week – day 2 getting used to it
vegetarian week – day 3 midday middle eastern
vegetarian week – day 3 support and bm yes I’m going there
vegetarian week – day 4
vegetarian week – day 5 que es eso
vegetarian week – day 6 is this lent
vegetarian week – aftermath confusion
vegetarian week – my new shoes
Vegetarian Week Conclusion


  1. […] The entrees continue the flavorful tradition set by the salad. I have not had a bad dish yet. On my vegetarian week experiment, I tried the Pad Tou Hu. I am now a convert to […]

  2. Usually I am a partial vegetarian. So I might just try this one week or two weeks vegetarian plan.

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