Posted by: Jeffsayyes | March 18, 2008

No Name – Boston, Massachusetts

15 Fish Pier Street West
South Boston, MA 02210
(617) 338-7539
No Name

Category: Seafood
Neighborhoods: Waterfront, South Boston

I stayed at a hostel in Boston. I asked the counter-girl where I could get some food Boston is famous for, the indigenous stuff…
“umm, you can go to Legal Seafood. They have really good clam chowder”
(ugh) (in my strongest NY accent/attitude) “Nah, I dont want that. I have a Legal Seafood around the block from me. I can get that any day of the year! Isn’t there any place where I will get a real feel for the city? that’s not Legal Seafoods? Like where is the best Boston Clam Chowder”
“you can go to NoName (?)…”
“ok let’s go”

The reviews on Yelp are right. The service is spotty… and the food is great. But I love both of those aspects the same. We had this Greek waiter from Astoria. Yeah he had his mind on other things, but he was very friendly once you broke down a barrier or two. They had that quick, no-nonsense attitude which I appreciate. At NoName, and in any seafood place, I would order whatever they recommend / what’s fresh.

My recommendation is the Clam Chowder. And I NEVER give recommendations! Has no one said anything about it? It was the best I’ve ever had by far.

The walk to NN is awesome. You go down this pier. The whole time you are asking your partner, “Is this it? Could a place be down here??” Well it is, and it’s a great experience.

Tourist Trap, I don’t thinks so, it’s pretty fucking good! Get your own clam chowder, I wouldn’t want to share.

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“There’s a town called Ipswich??”
“You stayed at a Hostel???”

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