Posted by: Jeffsayyes | March 17, 2008

Real Food Always Hits the Spot – St. Patricks at Seaford Deli

All I wanted all weekend was some corned beef and cabbage. Maybe some boiled potatoes, carrots. No pretense, no gourmet, no finer touches for other restaurants to be jealous of.

I had a long morning, on the way home I stopped by one of my favorite places to eat – the Seaford Harbor Deli. The food here is all home-made. The patrons are locals or people working in the neighborhood. It lies on a block in the middle of suburbia along with 7 other commercial places. A defining moment came when the lady behind the counter described to me what a meat cake is – “you either love em or you don’t.”

Seaford Deli is anti-fast food. I love the sign when you walk in from the American Heart Association or some other group decrying fast food restaurants and promoting real, wholesome meals. I can’t help but think – isn’t the average life expectancy going up since 1950? This is like 1950 food, right? No matter, I like it better anyhow.

I walked to the counter, ready for the day’s special of corned beef and cabbage. I knew they would have it. They always come through like family.

Now, I ask you: What would you rather have, Big Mac extra value meal OR this:
corned beef and cabbage

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