Posted by: Jeffsayyes | February 20, 2008

Mexican Cokes Unraveled

Coke in glass bottles from Latin America. Imported glass bottles of Coca-Cola from Mexico, Honduras, and other Latin American countries taste so much better than ones from the US. People say they are sweeter, cleaner. Is it the regulations? Is it the glass bottle? It’s something, and I love it.

All I have are ideas, no actual conclusions:

It could be the water that is different. People say “don’t drink the water in Mexico” – maybe that water is what gives it it’s unique consitency? Or maybe it’s that they lose the carbonation because of the great distance it takes to get here?

There are theories that it is real sugar cane in the drink. This is very possible. The labels usually say contains “sugar or corn syrup”. This is the case during Passover time. The corn syrup is not kosher, so Coca-Cola releases bottles which have sugar in them instead. You can tell the difference because the caps are yellow. I always hear about people snatching them up because they claim they taste better.

I say what makes it taste so good is the glass bottle that feels good on the mouth, combined with cane sugar, plus the dis-carbonation. That’s just me.


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Special shout out to Dublin Dr. Pepper – which my interest is extraordinarily piqued lately.


  1. Funny – this is *so* true. Well, I can’t speak to Mexico specifically, but I know I like the bottled version of Diet Coke in Europe significantly more than in the US. Perhaps this is why I love the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta since you can drink yourself to sweet nauseating sugary content around the world. Very cool.

    I’ll have to check out the video when I’m out from behind the corporate firewalls. Interesting post though!

  2. Mexican Coke is thick and syrupy, as are most good things in life. Keep the food endorsements coming Jeff!

  3. I have pondered this one more than I would like to admit. The mexican coke is slightly smaller and costs slightly more in NYC so it really must do the trick for people to continually choose it over the standard plastic bottled coke. interesting and random fact–The reason why coke uses HFCS in the US and sugar in Mexico is because they simply use the sweetener that is cheapest to source in each country. in US, that would be HFCS, and in Mexico it would be sugar! I guess we are out of luck.

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