Posted by: Jeffsayyes | February 11, 2008

The Joys of the Supermarket

People take walks in parks, read books, or exercise to clear their minds when times are tough. When I am getting confused and need to refocus my mind, I go to the supermarket.

Walking through the aisles, I see all the choices that I have in life. I see everything out there, things I love, things I can’t get a tastebud hold of yet, and things I have never even tried yet. There are always new methods of applying ingredients and new tools to use into my food preparations.

I look closely at the labels, I notice the ingredients. Some things are manufactured in a lab with polysyllabic ingredients while others are nothing more than water, vinegar, sugar, and plum tomatoes. The best things in life can be pretty simple, it turns out.

I can go any supermarket and love it. Even the lower caliber ones have different pricing and unfamiliar brands. The more ethnic types have fish and vegetables I’ve never heard of, I saw crabs in a bucket that were surprisingly moving at the H&Y Korean Supermarket the other day. The smells in the fish area are even welcoming, anything that uses my senses are welcomed. It’s nice to distract yourself with a sensation from a thought sometimes.

My favorite for two years has been Fairway. The quality is excellent, the prices are reasonable, and I find something new every time. The aisles are spacious, I can stroll around, arms behind my back, and just look at all the possibilities out there. The cheese is especially fun to experience. You may find tasting days when they have the cheeses out in samples. It’s a lot of fun to cheeses you normally wouldn’t, to read the labels and think about what you are eating and why it tastes a certain way. It’s not often you use your brain with your mouth’s senses.

Take a look at the circular. The layout of a circular is very interesting. Which items are they pushing, which are they promoting, which are they getting rid of? The temporal holiday and post-holiday items are always worthy of a quick look, but I know easter is all crap but the jewish holidays are the most fun (food-wise).

I don’t always buy something. It’s consumption of a different form.

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