Posted by: Jeffsayyes | January 12, 2008

Vegetarian Week – Day 5 – Que es eso?

Today was a pretty hard day. The practicality of it all started to come through. I turned down a french toast that was just cooked. Then I went to my brothers and I had to restrict myself from grabbing a chicken tender that was left out. Probably for the better, I think it was from the night before. Then tonight I ran into a bit of a language barrier…

Tonight I went to my favorite local spanish food. About 15 percent of the time there is no one speaking english there. I dont mind at all, I just have to point and not understand what they tell me. Today was one of those 3/20ths. At first I didnt even know the lady was talking to me, then one of the customers started speaking to me directly, but softly. I was nonplussed because I usually feel I can transcent the language barrier, I just didnt know the lady was talking to me! So I pointed to one thing that was either chicken cordon bleu or some vegetable plant that I am unfamiliar with but had one time ( I was hoping it was that ).
“que es eso?”
then the guy translates my spanish to her and answers me back “chicken corden bleu”
damn. there wasnt much else. I got a small helping of rice and refried beans and I asked for soup which looked good, it had corn and carrots in that salty broth. She was also nonplussed I think, and just put it on top. ooook. 3 dollars.

So I went 2 doors down to the spanish deli. I was set on going through with my eating in south america. I walk in with my small container, and start looking at the food. I see some yuca, but next to it is a tamale. I try to ask the guy what’s in it, and considered telling him I’m vegetarian, but I realise there is no way for me to get that across. The music was blaring, and the guy knew there was no way I could communicate with him. He kind of laughed. I submitted and pointed to the plaintains. Then I started searching around.
I just disregarded the meats. I wasn’t jealous or salivating at them at all. I was just like ‘darn it’. They weren’t even an option to me. I went to the other end and pointed to what looked like a pita. I figured it might be stuffed with cheese, so I got it. Then I saw what I thought was a type of salsa with tomatoes and onions in it. I asked for that too, but once he started scooping, I saw the shrimp. uh oh. I got it and figured I’d give it to a friend at my station. I got a soda because it had a little indian girl on it.

6 dollars total. I went to my car and opened up the bread and saw all this meat in it. Another present for a friend, he said it was good though. and my other friend said the shrimp was salty. I don’t think it was ceviche.

I definitely felt the effects of having a restricted diet and not being able to communicate. I usually can eat just about anything, and one of this week’s purposes actually IS to be able to eat more things, but with these restrictions, I felt almost helpless for the first time.

I have one more day and then I end it and come up with my conclusions. Tomorrow will be difficult too. I plan on going out with friends for lunch and dinner. I like that I have integrity, but I also know that I love to do things spur of the moment. Will these two part of my head conflict?? I believe I will persevere.

I do not feel any negative physical effects. If anything my system feels more cleaned out, so that’s good. My weight is normal I believe. I could definitely sustain this. I still like to eat.

Wish me luck through the weekend

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