Posted by: Jeffsayyes | November 20, 2007

El Paso Taco Grill – Farmingdale, NY

505 Conklin St
Farmingdale, NY 11735
(516) 249-3600
El Paso Taco Grill

Category: Mexican

I don’t usually order from the menu – although today I ordered a carne asada torta, and I was very impressed (heres the description: sandwiches made with refried beans, mayo, lettuce, tomato, avocado, fresh cheese and jalepeno).

I believe there are two people who speak english there, one fluently. And if that fact doesnt make it legit to you, eat there.

I usually order from what they have in the front. There are generally around 5 dishes, with at least 2 kinds of rice, refried beans or pintos, yuca, and possibly plaintains or other sides. The main dishes change daily, everything seems fresh. I have no idea most of the names of the dishes, or even if there are names.

The first time you go, the ordering process may be tough. You have to persevere though. You may even not like it the first time. Come back though. The food is great quality, changed daily, and won’t hurt your money clip at all.

This is one of the few genuinely authentic places still operating on Long Island. They just opened a Chipotle a few miles away. You choose.

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