Posted by: Jeffsayyes | November 10, 2007

Fatty Crab – Manhattan, NY

643 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 352-3590
Fatty Crab

Category: Seafood
Neighborhood: Manhattan/West Village

Surprisingly low pretentiousness, considering every paper review drools over this place.

I’d be drooling too if my employer footed the bill for a 10 dollar bowl of spinach.

It was good. Not very expensive for going to an ‘IT’ place and some spikes of deliciousness. You will get some stupid good food there, yes, but you may get some things that weren’t worth the price. It may also be a good idea to inquire about a double-meat portion as popularized by Subway(don’t, thats a j/k)(and I haven’t gone to Subway since HS for those questioning my culinary taste buds).

When I took my friend here, she said: “I feel like I can just go to Chinatown and get the same thing for so much cheaper”

I do like places with special instructions as to ‘this is how we do it here’… those instructions being that the food comes out whatever is ready first, no regard to courses. Respect.

I had a Sunday brunch there. Bacon and eggs. My god, the bacon.

Ratings go in trends. Undiscovered rate higher because its a find. Beloved rate lower b/c of the expectations. 3 stars. Oh, what the hell, 4 stars. If you want a little adventure with no risk, I would recommend Fatty Crab. I’ll go back if you want to go.

Fatty Crab in New York


  1. haha. this review is great.

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